Find shop to let in Uganda - Kampala

20 sq m ~ 101 sq m

This commercial property is ideal for different types of shops and meets all the necessary building regulations. The property has a secure parking and large windows providing natural excellent light.

The complex also has a dedicated customer service team at the Clients disposal...

15 sq m ~ 184 sq m

This business center is located on the strategic location. This is a spacious and light business center with great views overlooking the city center.

This is a modern distinctive and bright building with very large windows in all the offices, making the center light, airy and...

150 sq m ~ 300 sq m

With a large open plan main area which is spacious. But its location and amenities and wow factor also make it a hit with small and medium sized businesses looking to create a quality Impression at an affordable cost.

The complex also meets all the necessary building...

20 sq m ~ 45 sq m

This Property is an urban splash kind of property with modern fittings and finishing on the first floor of the business.

This building meets all the necessary building regulations and finished to a very high standards. Each floor has a shared toilet and...

12 sq m ~ 52 sq m

This commercial building is in the heart of the central business district surrounded by the mix of business, retail and leisure. It’s also well situated for public transport.

This is an opportunity to get closer to the thousands of traders and potential clients who come in the...

15 sq m ~ 20 sq m

On one of the busiest streets overlooking the city center, the location of this building guarantees a lot of clients and business.

It’s the newest and the most attractive in the area. The shops are spacious and finished to a very high standard, they meet all the necessary...